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  1. URGENT ATTENTION – I have been advised that Reelemin will be cut up at Sulphur Point hardstand, Tauranga, this Friday (12th) if no one adopts her. The hull (interior stripped out) is free to a good home. Contact owner – Bruce Burberry on 07 5781467.
    Sorry but the photo has ‘disappeared’ from the post on her 😦


  2. The old girl is almost 100 years old now but still goes with a turn of the key. She does require some love but Bruce (my father in law) still goes down to turn her over every few days. He still takes her out for fishing trips bit mostly night hence it seems to never move. If you want to know more please give Bruce a call. 07 5781467


  3. I have driven passed her for hte past 3 years or so , never seem her move except with wind and tide , in fact none of the other 3 have either .The only one that did was driven ashore by a storm about 6 months ago hasn’t been seen since.Does anyone know whether she would be in a saleable contrition/buyable or is the mooring the only good thing there.


  4. My brother, Bruce Burbery, is the current owner of Reelemin.

    Bruce has decided it is time to farewell the old girl and is offering the boat for sale.

    It does require considerable work and Bruce is accepting offers for the boat.

    I am happy to pass on any inquiries to Bruce, alternatively Bruce can be contacted on Tauranga Ph 07 578 1467

    Bruce does not have a computer so I am emailing this on his behalf.

    Mary Walton marya.walton@gmail.com


  5. Comments ex John Speir
    “My mother Nola told us that her father, Ronald (Punch) McCaw of Hamilton, and a couple of his friends found the Reelemin on the beach at Mangonui in the 1930’s, purchased her and brought her down to Mount Maunganui, where he had built a bach in Pilot Bay (“Haumoana”, still there today). They pulled her up on the beach there and repaired, or fitted a new transom. Following Zane Grey’s visit to Tauranga and no doubt reading his books, they would go out to The Mayor gamefishing, although mum recalled them bringing back Hapuku. They were out there in the early 1940’s when one of the boats spotted a Japanese submarine and they all returned in convoy to Tauranga, prepared for an attack. I have seen photos in the Marlin Hotel, Whangaroa, many years ago, of the Reelemin (presumably the same) with catches of marlin. The launch is still owned by the Burberys and is usually moored at Pillans Point, Otumoetai, in Tauranga.”


  6. That was CACHALOT (not CATCHALOT) built for Tom by John Gladden to a Hacker design in 1964. Cachalot is a sperm whale, but is often used as a boat name as a PUN by fishermen. Again, I think Tom may have been pulling your leg with his piercing wit.


  7. I had egg well & truly put on my face one day when I commented to Tom Pearce, whilst looking at his very new 40+ foot CATCHALOT, at Westhaven one day, that she had a really good trick name, since he was a keen fisherman, & was very unceremoniously & with much frustrated dignity, told, she was named after a sperm whale, of that name. — I have never forgotten that so embarrassing moment — KEN R


  8. Well “REELEMIN” is a pretty obvious name for a sport fishing boat, in the same category as “CACHALOT” and “RONOMOR” of which there were many. There was another REELEMIN built in 1958 by Norton and owned in 1968 by N C Van Rotter of dimensions 27’x26’x9’x2′. Sounds like the Fairlie boat.


  9. AMAZING, — I knew Norm Fairlie well in the1950s-60s, (he was the father of the well known NZ international tennis player Brian Fairlie), who had another REELEMIN fast semi sports hard chine boat built, during the 50s era c28-30 feet she had a Ford V8, & he used her all the time almost, for game fishing. — He replaced her later in the 1960s with the 45 plus footer he had built called COMANDER ONE. — Wonder if he named her after the above since he was a mad keen game fisherman? — KEN RICKETTS


  10. As a leap of faith, having eliminated most other Warne and C&B launches, I reckon she started life as KERMATH, built by Leon Warne at St. Mary’s Bay in December 1920 for C.E. Mackie, a 33 footer, powered by a 20hp Kermath, naturally. REELEMIN shows considerable similarity to the 35 footer KATHRYN R, built by Leon in October 1921 for W.J. Reid, Des Townson’s grandfather.


  11. She pops up in the newspapers as REELEMIN in 1927 and then disappears in 1935. During that period she was owned by Stan Ellis. From the look of her, my guess is that she’s a hard-chine Collings & Bell or Leon Warne launch of c1920 bought by Ellis and renamed in 1927 for game-fishing in the Bay of Islands. I’ll dig a bit deeper.


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