KOTARE – Builder Interview

KOTARE  – Builder Interview

Sent in by CYA Nelson member Richard Farrar ex Eddy Marten (current owner)

Designed by Bill Couldrey & built by Frank Wilkins in 1961. She has featured on ww before but recently I received a copy of an interview with Frank Wilkins (dated 8 Oct. 1996). The story makes reference to some of the legends of our boating past.
I think most of us would love to have as much info on our boats as this. Its a great read. Sorry about the faded type but thats how it came to me.
Enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “KOTARE – Builder Interview

  1. Hi there
    Wondering if there’s any chance I could have contact details for current owner of Kotare.
    I used to own her back in 1994 and would love to see her now. Appreciate any help.

    Thanks so much
    Sharon Prentice


  2. My name is Sharon Prentice and I owned Kotare from 1994 to 1996, my Brother – in- Law Geoff Prentice made the smaller fold down mast, an example of true craftsmanship. As Kotare was moored in Orakei Basin, it was necessary to make things a little easier for me. My family and I enjoyed many great trips on Kotare.


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