KOTARE – Builder Interview

KOTARE  – Builder Interview

Sent in by CYA Nelson member Richard Farrar ex Eddy Marten (current owner)

Designed by Bill Couldrey & built by Frank Wilkins in 1961. She has featured on ww before but recently I received a copy of an interview with Frank Wilkins (dated 8 Oct. 1996). The story makes reference to some of the legends of our boating past.
I think most of us would love to have as much info on our boats as this. Its a great read. Sorry about the faded type but thats how it came to me.
Enjoy 🙂

5 thoughts on “KOTARE – Builder Interview

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  2. Hi Tony
    Thanks so much for your reply. It’s great to have an update. The last I knew she was in Kerikeri Bay of Islands, well she certainly moves around.
    She’s a beautiful lady and I’m sure she’s going to look amazing when her rebuild is complete. Would luv some photos sometime if that’s possible.

    Sharon Prentice


  3. Hi Sharon,
    My father in-law owns the boat currently, and it is sitting in a shed in Te Puke getting a full rebuild, it will be ready to go back in the water in two or three months, It lives in lake Okere Falls
    Regards Tony


  4. Hi there
    Wondering if there’s any chance I could have contact details for current owner of Kotare.
    I used to own her back in 1994 and would love to see her now. Appreciate any help.

    Thanks so much
    Sharon Prentice


  5. My name is Sharon Prentice and I owned Kotare from 1994 to 1996, my Brother – in- Law Geoff Prentice made the smaller fold down mast, an example of true craftsmanship. As Kotare was moored in Orakei Basin, it was necessary to make things a little easier for me. My family and I enjoyed many great trips on Kotare.


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