photos & details ex Nathan Herbert

CYA member Nathan Herbert who is currently restoring the Coultard launch Lucinda is seeking more info on his other classic, Korara, the 37′ motor sailer built c.1960 by Alan (Snow) Waters for Ron Gurr.

Korara’s design came from a UK designer John E. Powell, Nathan has supplied reference material on Mary Islay (magazine pages) ex the Jack Brooke collection. See below.

Specs: LOA = 37′, Beam = 10’6″, Draught = 3’9″, Disp = 10.5 ton, Sail Area = Mizzen 107sqft – Genoa 277sqft, Engine = 120hp Ford, Speed = 9.5knts

There are big gaps in her history that Nathan would like to fill in.

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Some proof below of the wide readership of waitematawoodys.

A message from Paul Mimmack in the Channel Islands

“I was checking out ‘John E Powell’ on Google when I came across the page on KORARA.
I was very interested in her details and pictures as I am the present owner of MARY ISLAY!   I purchased her in 1992, but over time, work (Asst Harbourmaster & Coastguard SMC in Jersey CI) has got in the way of using and looking after her as I would like. But I retired 3 weeks ago so will give her some TLC over the next few years, starting when the weather improves in spring.
It is interesting to compare her with KORARA, having less cabin space as she was built as a Motor Fishing Yacht for Sir Giles Guthrie – a banker & chairman of BOAC – in 1957 at Aeromarine Ltd, Emsworth, Hampshire. Originally moored at Hamble, near Southampton until he sold it in 1962/3. There is no accommodation astern of the wheelhouse – just the walk-in (via short ladder each side) engine room.  The afterdeck was left open for fishing and has RNLI lifeboat type bronze wash ports.
As the specification says – built mainly of teak on an oak keel, there is some electrolysis in the oak around the rudder tube, which I need to sort out.
In 2004 I changed the original 2 stroke Foden 70hp diesel for a rebuilt Gardner 4LW of 62hp. It fitted, is quieter, more economical and more importantly I can still get spare parts.
She is rather a ‘wet’ hull, thus the Kent clearview screens get used in over f3 head winds, but comfortable. Her 10ft beam seems very ‘narrow’ for a boat today (but typical of the time), the steadying sail helps stop rolling in beam seas.
[I do have NZ contacts as my wife is from Auckland, she still has a brother, sister, aunt & uncle in town, with other relations spread around the country – we hope to be out next December]
Kind Regards
Paul Mimmack
St Lawrence
Channel Islands”

23 thoughts on “Korara

  1. The tide range in Jersey is around 10m so most boats (outside the marinas) dry out. Tidal streams are incredible. Not for the faint-hearted sailor!


  2. I’ve gotta say that Korara is exquisitely built, everything is teak in the cabin, not a cheap square piece of cabinetry or veneer in sight. Easy to see where the ten tons are. The sail does let her down to an extent, old faded sail cover and crappy plastic cars holding a clearly unused old sail up… Also the removable aft facing perspex needs replacing which I must do. I have extra motivation now to bring her to Auckland as it would be great for Paul to see her and compare


  3. Yeah they are legs, that area dries out. The mast is stepped on the deck and hinges on a tabernacle at aft edge of wheelhouse roof, I have a pic somewhere from when she was new with the mast being lowered by one man. Korara is stepped on deck only, I also have a photo of her when she was fully ketch rigged with bowsprit…. Luckily it was reversed since then.


  4. Mary Islay has a solid timber fitted to her side, what is this? A leg for hard standing?
    I could retire to this sweet old girl. Wants her mast poped back in though for some tranquil sailing or the odd bit of motor sailing.


  5. Hello Harold – Yes delighted, please contact me nearer the time, I’ll be at home over the 70th anniversary of Liberation on 9th May.


  6. Pauline and I will be in Jersey for the Liberation Celebrations in May. May we have a look over MARY ISLAY then?


  7. I love the look of MARY ISLAY with her fishing cockpit, if only KORARA ahd been built like that too. Am a envious of your Gardner engine, although KORARA’s 6cyl Ford does go very nicely too. No doubt Alan will post your pictures and info up here.


  8. Hi All
    Have just found Alan’s web site – I am the present owner of MARY ISLAY and she lives in Jersey, Channel Islands with me. She needs some TLC at the moment but Alan & Nathan have some photos if any one is interested.


  9. She’s a honey. remember her from new. Damn good looker. John Gladden did a similar ship but ketch rigged -a copy of a Francis Jones MFV design(?) (34 -36′ or so). She has a Maori name that I forget and was in Blowswater marina last time I looked -along from or near to Lady Bird’s berth. Sensible boats.


  10. Thanks, and yes she has a full engine room with open engine, then double berth cabin plus drawers and luggage area etc, then a large lazarette under the aft deck. 7 berth. She is moored in the Kerikeri river on a friend’s poles at the moment. I had a weekend booked to bring her down, but then I got Lucinda and that plan changed!


  11. Very handsome – must keep an eye out for her. I’ve loved the “Mary Islay”design since it came out, and have a photo of her somewhere. Those fold-out design supplements that a number of UK and US boating mags used to feature were marvellous – it’s a crying shame they don’t do that any more! I note that “Korora” has a flush deck rather than the well-deck aft as in “Mary Islay”. That must give much more room aft below, but was the lovely separate engine room Kept?


  12. Looks great Nathan. From what I can gather, most boats from the Snow Waters stable still seem to exist in a reasonably original state, which says it all really. Korara’s superstructure also has a certain Salthouse look about it to me. Nice.


  13. There’s a bit of a time lapse in these photos, current is the photo rafted up with Wairiki, where we have lowered the bow waterline about 100 to 150mm in to bring it level.

    It was interesting for me to go on board Mapuna last year and see similar fittings and features to Korara, They even both have a dedicated engine ROOM with handrail around motor. Incredibly well built with a huge amount of teak and bronze.

    Korara has an arsenal of hand- stitched RNZYS burgees of varying size still in her cupboards. I have no interior photos but all soft furnishings are Koru lounge fabric. There was a connection with the old owner and Air NZ and subsequently Korara is trimmed in the same curtain, cushion and squab fabric.


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