Glyn Bird


photos from Russell Ward, Dean Wright,Baden Pascoe,trademe

details from Russell Ward,Baden Pascoe,Ken Ricketts

Built 1909 by Ernie Lane, 54ft long.

Was owned by Parry Bros the tug & scoria people for many years, from the 1930s through till at least the 1972-73.

She is most likely still powered by a 1956, 150h.p., 8 cyl in line, 8L3 Gardner diesel.

She was originally used for a good number of years as the “rubbish boat” by Parrys, collecting & disposing at sea of rubbish from visiting overseas & coastal ships to the Port of Auckland. She was later converted to a tug in the 1950s & used extensively for towing shingle barges from Kaiawa to Auckland, ferrying shingle from the quarry there.

She was converted to a tug by R Lidgard,  who also replaced the original little wheelhouse with a larger replacement in the 1950s, now missing (refer below).

She was eventually laid up at Herald Island for quite a period & eventually sold by Parrys, & was sold either by them, or by others in-between, to Russell Ward, who used her for pleasure use.

In Russell’s words “I salvaged her from Herald Island on a stormy night and got her to Westpark where she was slipped and major hull repairs done. I then did a walking refurbishment over about 8 years but it was not a restoration”. Russell had a long love affair with her that ended about three years ago  (2010) when he sold her to a Nelson fisherman. During this period she caught fire (wheelhouse) on the hard at Tarakohe.

Glyn Bird has now ended up in the B.O.I. & is for sale on trademe.

13 thoughts on “Glyn Bird

  1. Upsetting really. She was eminently saveable until the bitter end when the knackers had one view in mind. “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”!
    Well, maybe a Viking’s funeral is better than a slow death. I just sold her to the wrong joker and he quickly tired of her apparently. She had a chance when she came up to Paihia but no idiots like me to answer her pleas for help.
    I saw it as someone else’s turn, but no starry eyed romantics out there. Eh, Pam?
    We had a lot of fun and she rewarded all my attention and Pam’s with devoted service.
    NOW get your buckets out!


    From Hylton Edmonds, sent in by Ken Ricketts

    The photo below was taken in late June 2015 as they were prepping GB for re-floating in the early hours (as always it seems!) They had her off and on tow by 5 am to where she was taken to a private boat ramp up the Waikare Inlet, to where she was dried out, and at low tide was dismantled, carted away and is now burnt.
    “She really was in a sad way in every respect.”


  3. Word is Glyny is still on the rocks.
    She had changed hands whilst in the bay of islands the previous owner removed her Gardener and gear box before selling her on.
    Photos comeing in a few days.

    Celox is in a yard /paddock, a short distance out from Opua township. Photos coming.


  4. I’m not sure if she has changed hands recently, again? I had the owners email address but it is locked into another computer. If anyone has his details I would like to contact him.

    The commercial fisherman did well to bring her north from Takaka to the bay. With the burnt out wheel house removed they set up a make-shift helm position on what was left of her cabin. After motoring up the west coast they apparently were intercepted as they rounded Cape Reinga by our navy who apparently had thought the vessel looked very suspicious perhaps carrying refugees.

    I would have thought this spot of bother G B finds her self in now could be sorted pretty smartly by those same dareing, clever men.

    And those old saggy timbers. I would say they have been old and saggy for a good part of her 100 + years. : ) she was beefed up to do her tug duties.

    Interesting, I have recently been talking to John Wharfe who skippered her for Parrys.

    And me? I worked with Russell refurbishing her interior and odds and sods.


  5. I imagine the tooth fairy would have more than a passing interest too, having done a few years bailing on her.


  6. Update on Glyn Bird – she is still lying on the rocks with a hole in her side with the tide going in and out. The keel is pretty weak and trying to sit on the ground in between the rocks.
    Celox is also looking for a new owner post her oops – word is bring a basket with you, if interested in her.


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