Lady Eileen


Looking to get into the classic wooden boating scene ? Lady Eileen  is now offered for sale & offers outstanding value for money for a vessel of her size ( L=48.9′ / B=13.4′ / D=3.9′ / 18 tons) &  fit-out. refer trademe listing link below for full details.

A fine example of a Shipbuilders / SupaCraft triple skinned kauri launch. Lady Eileen was launched in 1947 & is a sister ship to Rakanoa, Mahara & Rosemary II.

Given her size & fit-out ‘live-aboard’ is an option.

11 thoughts on “Lady Eileen

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  2. Indeed she is a “possible live aboard” – she’s being lived aboard right now and has been for some time. With a good windage-to-grip-of-the-water ratio, she handles very nicely as well.


  3. CORINTHIA, is a lovely boat, however once again nothing like LADY EILEEN, amongst other things she has a much more pronounced flare on the bow – she is one of a number of boats Shipbuilders built with a full 180 degree half circle flare at deck level. I actually liked it a lot. As I recall the first boat with this concept they built, was Roy Steadman, the forman at the time, own boat NAUTY GIRL, a 28 ft bridge decker similar in style to APACHE in the bridge deck lines.


  4. Ken is right, of course. RAKANOA was not a Tim Windsor resign. Her design stems from a commission from owner Stan Parker to Arnold (Bill) Couldrey. It seems that Stan altered it somewhat before Shipbuilders built her, because of headroom issues etc, to the degree that his son Ross claimed Stan designed her when registering her with Lloyd’s Yacht Register, but it wasn’t to such a degree that Bill Couldrey removed her from his list of designs or make any comment on Parker’s part in the eventual as-built design. His actual comments were, “Plans still held. Ship still owned by Stan Parker’s son, Ross Parker, 1972.”


  5. LADY EILEEN is not a sister ship to Rakanoa. & is actually nothing like Rakanoa, I know both boats extremely well, & have just sent Alan a subtantial update on her history, which he may publish in the near future. & I also took the pic of her in with Gordon Hunter,, the original owner, sitting in the open doorway which I took at Christmas 1948 – KEN RICKETTS


  6. LADY EILEEN was fully described in the September 1947 issue of Sea Spray and launched in the November. T.C. Windsor designed her and Shipbuilders Ltd (Supacraft) built her for Gordon Hunter who kept her until at least 1973. She was originally fitted with twin Chrysler Royal 8 cylinder 145hp petrol engines, both rh rotation (according to Don Hunter), fresh water cooled ex-USN JPB but brand new in their original crates, single rudder, Paragon boxes. Don Hunter took her over later. The Chryslers were replaced by 2000 with twin Ford D series (handed).
    An utterly superb bridgedecker.


  7. I think Corinthia Pictured at Arran Bay Jetty was the same Shipbuilders Boat.Owned for a while by Ivan Guthrie and then Graham Guthrie.
    Roger Guthrie.


  8. Hi Alan,

    If this boat is in Auckland during Anniversary weekend, she can take part in the new section of the Tug Boat Race, “Traditional Fishing Boats” (dis[placement only). How can I get in contact with the owner?



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