Around the yards

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Which one would I choose  – Trinnidad, Ngaio, Waimiga ?

Well unless, one the owners gets a bang on the head & Big Wednesday smiles on me this week, its a hypothetical question . The answer – any of them could slip into my berth at Bayswater.

Three of the CYA’s prettiest ladies are about to leave the shed after a winter of pampering, o-boy the launch fleet bar just got raised a few notches 🙂

My spies tell me that Lady Crossley is also due back in soon & is also looking very smart.

I’ll post more when they splash.

6 thoughts on “Around the yards

  1. Wondering if Lady Crossley is still owned by Mike Coleman of Remuera. I was friends with his son in school days and went out on her many times. She was beautiful back then.


  2. All beautifully TLCed, but the Ngaio is unbeleivable considering how she was, when i saw her, a quite a few years back now. — Fabulous!!! — KEN RICKETTS


  3. Fun is inversely proportional to the overall length! BUT I read in a book of the wisdom of the antients (might have been Waldo Howland) that a man should have a boat whose length in feet is equal to his age in years.
    Take your pick, Alan.


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