I’m pleased to be able to announce that after being ‘on-the-market’ for several years, the 1921 Arch Logan 36′ launch Ngaio now has a new owner. She passed her survey with flying colours & has been hauled out & is now safely in a shed for a major external renovation.  As part of the work she will return to her original colour scheme i.e. a dark (black) navy blue. Above are photos of her post launching (possibly taken in Devonport), today – both in the water & at her recent haul-out, a preliminary sketch of her new colour scheme & wonderful scale model built of her by CYA member Bruce Tantrum.
Also click this link to view a youtube clip from the recent CYA Riverhead Cruise.
Her new owner has already applied to join the CYA, so Ngaio will be a wonderful addition to the launch fleet.
We will follow the project with great interest.
26/07/2013 – The restoration begins, photos added of haul out & transport to her new (temporary) home – a boat shed for the work.

Weekend 1

All fittings are off, belting 50% off, mast and stack removed, paint stripping beginning.

Findings so far; pohutakawa stem, kauri carvel planking, original waterline belting line cut into hull, original color is black hull, 13 coats of paint below the belting strip, 6 above the strip.

11/08/2013 – On Bruce Tanturm’s instructions (I always do what BT’s tells me to) I visited the boat shed today & meet the new owners, pleased to report that Ngaio has fallen on her feet 🙂

To quote Bruce “Her beauty out of the water, as one would imagine, is complete, simple and beautiful. The hull’s multi layered accumulation of many decades of paint has been removed revealing the symmetrical artistry of master craftsman Jack Logan’s full length bare kauri planking, all in absolutely perfect condition. In the next few days, she is going to be splined and fibreglassed to preserve her.

Never again will this particular definitive testament of material, form and craftsmanship be seen, never”

I can happliy add that the splining & f/g will only be above the waterline.

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