Saturday saw the running of the annual Pahi Regatta. Thanks to Colin Brown, who did a quick ‘drive-by’ we get to see a couple of photos (top 2) from the day.

As I commented to Colin, him sending in the photos was perfect timing as I was planning a Pahi Regatta Flashback. The regatta has been running since 1887.

The 2nd collection of photos comes to us from The Kauri Museum collection via their fb post. My favourite would have to be the 1984 photo of Merv & Darcy Sterlings runabout – Brenda K, what a cool looking craft, love the front windscreen. 

The b/w photos are as below

• 1936 – Esme – skippered by Merv Sterling (possibly the same skipper as in the runabout photo?)

• c.1940 – Koheroa – owned by Archie Newitt

• 1987 – Takaro – owned by Gary & Marek Weber

2 thoughts on “THE 136th PAHI REGATTA 

  1. A little bit of technical & general info re Wilsons MY PLAYMATE.
    They had her fitted with hydraulic steering when she was built for them, around the early 1950s by recall, & I believe she was probably the first pleasure craft to have hydraulic steering in Auck., as she had it from new.
    My dad went & looked at it, when he fitted hydraulic steering to his GAY DAWN, in1958.
    Also the flying bridge as in the image above was not original.
    Wilsons kept her for a good number of years in Wakatakataka Bay right by Tamaki Drive 1st boat to the RH side of the bridge.
    She originally had a petrol engine. — KEN R


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