Classic Launches at Westhaven Marina c.1971


If you are on fb and have a passion for wooden boats, the name Tad Roberts will be familiar to you, Canadian born Tad has over 1,000 designs in his portfolio and is one of the most prolific postings / commentators on fb. Yesterday Tad posted the above photo and commented “who says a hard-chine plywood sailing yacht can’t be pretty. 40’ design by John Spencer, launched in New Zealand 1971”.

Being plywood and 1971 – Odessa isn’t the focus of todays story, what is, is the impressive line up of launches across the fairway from her. Given its an average day for boating, chances are some you might be spending longer on WW today than normal – lets see if we can collectively put names to the boats, L>R, I have tagged each boating a photo below. Relies via the WW comments section.

Got some very ‘robust’ emails as a result of yesterdays story on the cancellation of the Mahurangi Regatta. But the negative ones were out numbered 7 to 1 by positive feedback. I appreciate them all, especially the negatives on, it can’t be easy typing with 6 fingers. 


1. Kalua (prev Miss Betty)

2. Shipbuilders recently at HMB Marina 

3. Okareka / Fergy

4. Romany II

5. Lady Ethel or sister

6. Wakanui

7. White Cloud

14 thoughts on “Classic Launches at Westhaven Marina c.1971

  1. Hi Murray, you are thinking of Captain Alan Haddock’s Kirribilli – No 6 is not her, Kirribilli was launched 73-75 and had a somewhat different cabin profile. I believe now located Sth Island, Waikawa or Nelson


  2. Have just had confirmed from Brian Lineham, that boat No 1 is LINELLE, (may be LINNELLE), named after his father Alec Lineham’s wife & daughter. — KEN R


  3. Hi William Aspden, original Vindex (Alan Aspden was your father/grandfather?) lives at Gulf Harbour looking very well cared for, has had a flybridge added and has “Vindex 1” sign written on her. She was featured in a Boating NZ writeup 10ish years ago. Has been re-engined a couple of times now and like most of us a bit heavier than in her younger days.
    You need to know Vindexes are a bit of a sensitive subject on Waitemata Woodys.. LOL

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  4. Hi Chris, Actually Valsan did have davits on the stern, but not all the time as in some images I have they are not there. She has a lovely varnished dinghy hoisted up in them, in most of my mages with davits. Also she does have a rubbing strip just above the waterline, in the same place as today’s post. KEN R

    Photos refereed to above added below. Alan H


  5. Ken, No 3 is not Valsan. She never have davits on the stern, nor a rubbing strip that low down on the topsides. Would have responded earlier but another event took precedent.


  6. OK lets Go;
    No 1 was owned by the Lineham family, – (of Oranoa) – in the1950s & am rechecking the name, which I have gone blank on, — (I have an image of her in the Lineham era), — & will advise when a have re-ascertained it — No 2 is ROMANY II, No 3 is VALSAN. No 4 is AWATERE, No 5 is LADY DIANA or sistership [MARGARET ANNE, –(they look identical) — No 6 is ALTAIR, & No 7 is WHITE CLOUD — KEN R


  7. Good quiz- some are easy some less easy. Still one I can’t guess although perhaps it’s a boat ex of Half Moon Bay in a previous cabin form.


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