Big Win For Bayswater Marina Berth Holders

Big Win For Bayswater Marina 

U-turn By Council Set To Block Bayswater Marina Development Plans

Owners of Bayswater marina, who also own – Pine Harbour and Hobsonville marinas) who were planning a 119 unit housing development on the adjacent land suffered a major blow last week, when Auckland Council withdrew its support for the proposal. This was a huge turnaround from what most had assumed was a happening thing.  Read below – (Article below – Reproduced ex ’The Devonport Flagstaff’ community magazine)

6 thoughts on “Big Win For Bayswater Marina Berth Holders

  1. That was a previous would-be developer that schemed “Metropolis-On-The-Mud”. Herr Herbert wanted to build apartments on the car-park and nearly got away with a clandestine deal with the dreaded Panuku Developments (a council CCO) but someone leaked it the Residents and Ratepayers Assn. and there was an uproar. What finally killed this one was not the RMA but the original Empowering Act of Parliament which is quite specific about what can and can’t be done here.


  2. Jet ski boy also wanted to build apartments out into the mangroves from the westpark travelift after he bought that marina , thank goodness for the RMA.


  3. Used to haul Gloaming and then Tairoa out at that little yard (was Joe Wheeler’s pre ’59). The developer swindled the Takapuna Boating Club out of getting a slipway facility in the new marina as their slimy PR men had agreed to provide. Council got the old boatyard to reclaim in exchange. The old guys were just too tired to fight any more. Oh we all lost our swing moorings too and had been promised berths on the breakwater.


  4. Good photo of the haulout area, Bayswater.
    That is our family yacht Ladybird at RHS rear on the hardstand.


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