The Green Parrot


Have had a request from Mike Mulligan as to what happen to / the where abouts of the ex NZ Navy launch, nick named the Green Parrot , and at some stage named Lindauer. 

In the above photos ex Mike’s family collection, we see her in North Cove, Kawau Island. The date is 27-12-1980

I’m sure Chris Leech will be able to comment on her past.

09-10-2022 INPUT ex John Newham. – photo below of her inc.1953/54 9n Naval service – with the Queen onboard. 

A Whiff Of A Bad Odor At The CYA

Those of you that follow my observations on the tide going out at the NZ Classic Yacht Association will be interested to learn that the newly elected CYA committee has hit a few rogue waves – only two meetings into the new year and the vice chairperson and a general committee member have resigned – not for me to say why but here’s a clue – waterfront docks…………

Sadly as per the past, the two won’t be replaced, or if they are it will be with more ‘also-rans’ so the committee ends up weaker, as normally its the talented free spirits that protest with their feet……….

5 thoughts on “The Green Parrot

  1. Good comments people – fancy oiling teak decks? Not done. I oiled the teak cap rails on a 57′ foot cutter in Spain in 1972 and it was a long job with a messy clean up.


  2. She was for sale in a poor state in wellington some time back.We had many a good night on her when she was a coast guard cutter owned by Richard Perkins and family


  3. If memory serves me right, I think this as the Commodores Barge at the Devonport dockyard. I worked as an apprentice in the boat shop from the mid 1960’s to 1969.
    I remember we had a new lead hand from the cabinet shop who was in charge of the barge when she came into the boat shop for some TLC. Well, being a cabinet maker, his idea of teak decks was to scrape them and OIL them, all we apprentices said no but the new lead was adamant that we OIL them, so we did, LOL. You should have seen the skipper the next morning when he inspected the barge, the sparks started to fly as soon as he climbed the ladder and saw the oiled teak decks. Needless to say the lead hand was sent back to the cabinet shop never to be seen in the bot shop again.


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