RAMOE – A Project

RAMOE – A Project

Recently WW was contacted by the owner of the launch Ramoe, who was looking to find a new owner to complete the restoration of the boat. At the time they commented that ‘they have all the gear needed, she just needs to be put back together’. The boat has had the deck stripped back and cabin sides to glass over, also the windows need to be fitted. Ramos has been fitted with new Volvo Penta 75hp engine.

In the ‘old’ photo above she looks very smart. Anyone interested or wanting to know more – contact owner at steve.b.mouldey@gmail.com
Also interested in learning more about the boat – designer / builder etc etc 

2 thoughts on “RAMOE – A Project

  1. Bit harsh -I like the look of her, better than the Minnow. Reminiscent of some Orams or Tim Lees boats


  2. always wondered what became of the launch from Gilligans Island found in a back yard in NZ


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