Mystery Lake Launch – 24/02/22

Mystery Lake Launch 24-02-22

Today’s woody launch photo comes to us ex Lew Redwood’s fb – I apologise in advance if it has appeared b4 on WW – so many stories, so many boats…..

It would appear that it was either a postcard or the sender wrote a note on the back. I have enlarged the note – hopefully someone can make-out the name of the lake, it is beyond my eye sight 🙂

And maybe even the boat name?

10 thoughts on “Mystery Lake Launch – 24/02/22

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  2. Well it’s not Beamish-White’s OKATAINA built by Sam Ford in 1938 but it could be B-W’s bridgedecker MERLIN that later went to Kawhia.


  3. Launch probably KARINA (spelling?). Was in commercial service at Taupo in the 1960’s owned by Jim Storey. .


  4. Given the road and transport of the day it would have been a mission to get the launch up the Okataina road


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