Back in early Dec 2021 WW ran a story on the 48’ launch – Eldon  (link below), now a resident on the Kaipara Harbour. Today we get to see Eldon’s 12’ tender Pipi. That Eldon’s owner – Peter Flood bought off Steve Hanson in 2020.

PIPI was previously owned by William Scott, Steve Hanson’s grandfather, and used extensively on the Hokianga Harbour. When William passed away in 2002 she was passed on to his brother Victor Scott, who did not use her very much & kept her in the Bay Of Islands for a time.

Victor in turn  passed her to his son Mike Scott , and then she went back to Vic Scott, and during this period of their stewardship, she was laid up and put in a shed for about 10 years, and was eventually bought by Steve Hannon, who restored her and eventually relaunched her on the  Hokianga Harbour. Steve sold her to Peter Flood who undertook considerable upgrading & maintenance on her, replacing two planks. partially refastened her, repaired the transom, & made her watertight. These days she calls Eldon home. Details supplied by Ken Ricketts, edited a lot by Alan H.

WW Eldon Story link

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