Not A Lot Changes in 30 Years

Not A Lot Changes in 30 Years

The top b/w photo of the Rocky Bay Memorial Cruising Club at Waiheke Island is dated 1990 comes to us from the Akl Library Hert. Collection via Maurice Sharp – fast forward 30 years and its not a lot different – photo taken yesterday.

I also spotted my 1st wooden – below. 

Found this little gem in a Waiheke store -1st Editions sell on trademe for $120+ , the asking price was $70, but the WW t-shirt, got me a $10 discount, because she felt it was gung to a good home. Further proof Joyce Talbot that I do like yachts 😉

2 thoughts on “Not A Lot Changes in 30 Years

  1. I lived at Rocky Bay from 1972 to 1991.Built the house at 12 Wairua Rd when I was 29,for $20,000. Sold last November for $890,000.
    My boat shed was the last one nearest the rock breakwater. Being a Signwriter by trade, I wrote the Rocky Bay Club sign, which is still there today, albeit re painted many times.
    My launch VECTUS was a 26ft Shipbuilders. With a 4/99 Perkins diesel.( does anyone know what became of her?)
    It was on the club slip that myself & a few others finished off Willie Oliver’s last boat.( house boat)
    See story on line.(The Tiny Tenacious Tornado) Many fond memories of the Bay, & that house. I cried when I sold it. Just a magic place.

    Brian Cassidy
    ( now aged 77)

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  2. I had a house at Rocky Bay 1989 to 1995 and there was a movement which wanted the boat sheds removed so I am pleasantly surprised to see that they still exist. Shed owners were banned by the trendy council to repair or paint them. I am pleased that someone had a bit of common sense and that they are still there.


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