Latex (Winsome II)


LATEX (Winsome II)

The above photos of the xxx launch – Latex, now named Winsome II, great details and photos in the two previous WW stories at the links below – todays photos and comments come to us from the Maritime Museum via Nathan Herbert.

Nathan commented that whilst we see the exteriors of a lot of classic woodys, it is rare to see an interior from their heyday.

4 thoughts on “Latex (Winsome II)

  1. Have ferreted around & found an image of her original engine — The Sterns 100hp — KEN R

    Photos added below. Alan H


  2. Imagine how noisy cruising would have been with that engine sitting in the open!

    Some of the smartest looking woodys have similar set up these days – Wirihana and My Girl. Alan H


  3. Please can anyone advise the engine in her in those early photos? I think perhaps it may be a Stearns or big Kermath, but not really confident of it. Am very curious.


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