Mooching Around Coromandel 

Mooching Around Coromandel 

Today’s gallery of photos comes to us from Glenn Martin who was mooching around the haul out yard at Coromandel township last week  – some have made quest appearances on WW before and some are newbies. If you know anything about them – chirp in at the WW comments section.

Thank heavens the 25th has been and gone – we do we do it, too much of everything. A special day this year, first time all the tribe where in country and under one roof. The weather is ace on Waiheke Island so we slipped an early swim in before the present stampede, you would think we would be more civilised as we get older – yeah right. Then a long lunch.

2 thoughts on “Mooching Around Coromandel 

  1. The first is Taufale. Circa 1935. Our family launch in the 1960s. Had a few cabin iterations in its life time. A close sister ship to Lucinda I would guess.
    Coulthard design/build.
    Original motor was a Chrysler Crown 80hp. Went like a rocket until the next owner re-engined with the Ford diesel. Too heavy for her I suspect.


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