Very Cool Vintage Engine

Very Cool Vintage Engine

Todays all about on vintage outboard engines – mooching around a boat shed yesterday I spotted this wee gem – aside from being such a cool piece of engineering, the first thing that hits you is how light it is – compared to the Yamaha 3hp alongside, it was a less than a 1/4 the weight – how does that work?

So the question today is can we ID the model and year – we must have some o/b nutters amongst us. 

UPDATE (A)  21-11-21 Mark Jack advised the model of the engine is a MATE, refer photo below, and rated at 1/2 hp and built in 1939, they were also marketed as the more basic Elto. 
Renown as one of the must frustrating engines ever made, smooth and sophisticated when it ran but it frequently didn’t. The engines are relatively lightly built intended for fresh water use. 

UPDATE (B) 21-11-21 Chris McMullen sent in the photos below of the engine and a page from the Popular Mechanics magazine, the shows the intended usage – as a canoe engine.

Second half of the story today – a few months ago I did a plug on WW for the small hydro-plane Miss Wahoo , it was snapped up by Keith Munro and she has already been given a spot in the man shed, see photos below – Keith is now on the lookout for a 15 hp motor of 1950 > 1960 vintage – an Evinrude or Johnson would be the 1st picks – any one able to help out?

4 thoughts on “Very Cool Vintage Engine

  1. I have a 1939 1.1hp Evinrude sitting in the workshop which looks nearly identical so I guess around that vintage.


  2. I belong to the Antique Outboard Club in U.S.A. If you know the horsepower and serial number it can be identified. I also have a collection, the oldest being 1923 2.5hp flat opposed Johnson.


  3. Fraser Wilson has a whole wall full of wonderful old outboards They look like a whole wall full of lovely trophies, in his delightful home, with most in fab. condition. — Perhaps if he reads this he will spoil us all, & send some images, of some of his super collection. — KEN R


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