Mystery Launch – Whau River

Today’s photo ex Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection and comes to us via Nathan Herbert. The location is the Whau River and probably dated 1966.

Any one able to ID the launch in the foreground.

Well Auckland woodys – another 2 weeks in lock down – not too sure how I’ll handle that, just about ticked off everything on the To Do list 🙂 So happy I hauled Raindance out in July for the big birthday, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

If you have any photos that you’d like to share on WW – email them in – as we say “if it’s wood, it’s good”

1 thought on “Mystery Launch – Whau River

  1. Pity that no one has input on this image. The launch is really interesting being an old double ended hull with what would seem to be 1950s modifications? Reasonable size too; somebody must remember her?

    The weekender closest to the camera is notable too, it rings a bell as a notable build from a lake-area builder who I have read about.

    The boats generally are a neat snapshot of 1950s 1960s speed/weekenders. My grandparents(and mum) lived rigjt above the TBC on Covil Ave, and grampa build a ~22ft shaft drive Augustin style speedboat in the basement called ‘Tiri’ much like those in the image


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