Mystery Tamaki River Launch

Mystery Tamaki River Launch

Have had a wee bit of a technology mishap – so this story could look a wee bit different – will fix up tomorrow 🙂

Travelling up the Tamaki River this afternoon aboard Angus Rogers launch – Centaurus, another story for another day, I spotted the above launch. I would very much like to get its name, it looks very familiar to me. If we can ID her, I’ll bore you with the details.

Sorry, short & sweet today, all fixed tomorrow

7 thoughts on “Mystery Tamaki River Launch

  1. She was renamed about 2 years ago. She is running a 4cyl Perkins. A very tidy boat inside.


  2. Mystery vessel today was built in 1949 by Philip Barton of St Marys Bay for
    my father Stan Blundell. She was originallyknown as Felisa but has been renamed
    She has had several owners and has been moored in the Tamaki for many years.


  3. By what is visible of the name on the tuck, behind the platform in today’s post, it is possible that she may have had a name change — KEN R


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