Nau Mai

Cruising up the Tamaki River the other day I was saddened to spot the launch Nau Mai looking very neglected and run-down. Approximately 12 years ago the then owner was a friend of a friend and she was kept at Bayswater Marina near my berth. I believe these days he has moved one step closer to a coffin eg a camper van, but I’m sure he would still be stocked to see the boat these days.

Anyone able to tell us anything about her past?

John Bulivant photos below ex Ken Ricketts

09-05-2021 Harold Kidd Update – Alan Williams built her in 1964 for M.W.Mathieson.

6 thoughts on “Nau Mai

  1. Hi,
    My father owned Nau Mau for about 30 years and he would be horrified to see her now. He was passionate about keeping her in spot on condition! I remember many years of trips and good times with Nau Mai. Would love to be able to bring her back to her former condition.


  2. The owner lives out of town and regularly visits the boat.She is ready for hull paint after a lot of hull prep .She will come out of the water soon hopefully to be finally finished


  3. Whilst she is in the water at the moment, she sat for a very long period on private slipway on the banks of the Tamaki River looking very much as she does now but not quite so bad at that stage, & looking as if someone was just starting to give this beautiful classic craft the huge TLC she is so desperately crying out for, before it’s too late.. i think John Bullivant, may have a pic of her on the slipway.
    Hopefully someone will rescue her — KEN R

    Photo added. Alan H


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