Help Needed ID’ing Gunner + Woody Involved In Collision Sinks

A Bayswater marina boats dropped me a note asking what I knew about the ex workboat – Gunner that was berth near him at Bayswater. I answer was – nothing, so I popped down and took the above photos.Very distinctive looking small ship so one of the Work Boat chat group should be able to enlighten us.

Input & photo below from Cameron Pollard – she was built by Lane’s in Picton


 Boat builder Greg Lees sent in the sad photo above of the launch Kahu semi submerged after being T-boned by a fishing trawler. I’m a little hazy on the location, but I understand it was near  “Cooks Rock’ in/near the entrance to Queen Charlotte Sound at the tip of the South Island. I’m told everyone was taken off both vessels and the trawler taken under tow – BUT Kahu was left to fend for her self. In the above photo she had been ‘afloat’ for 2 days and was about to be taken under tow, with the hope of beaching her. The prognosis isn’t good so woodys, fingers crossed she can be saved. Link here to a WW story on Tahu

Update – Interesting spin on things – not sure what the actual situation is


She sank in Cook Strait on Saturday the 17th of April in the AM in a strong southerly north of the brothers. The Westpac rescue helicopter located the 3 crew and the yacht Chatham Whisper was able to recover the 3 from the water then transferred them to a coastguard boat out of picton near Cape Koamaru.
The boat was completely submerged but was able to be recovered but had been crashed into by a fishing boat while it was under the surface.

Photos below ex Ross Giblin at STUFF – see above link for stroy re the recovery. Alan H

10 thoughts on “Help Needed ID’ing Gunner + Woody Involved In Collision Sinks

  1. Kia Ora Koutou,
    just read your story of the MV Gunner, I have quiet alot of history about this vessel, too late at night now and am going bush in the morning to build a whare, should be back in a weeks time, will send info and photos.
    Love your stories,
    Nga Mihi,


  2. Kahu didn’t sink from being hit by the fishing launch. She sank on Saturday morning in a strong southerly a bit NE of the Brothers island. 3 crew were pulled from the water by the yacht Chatham Whisper with the help of the Westpac Rescue helicopter to locate the men. They were then transfered to a coastguard vessel near Cape Koamaru.


  3. I thought GUNNER was built for the RNZ Artillery for towing targets for the coastal batteries post war. I was in 9th Coast Regiment shooting out of Motutapu and Castor Bay. Our targets were towed by the HDML BOMBARDIER. GUNNER probably towed targets in the Cook Strait area?
    A Gunner is a Private in the Artillery and a Bombardier is a Corporal.


  4. She’s hauled out here at “Hobby” a couple of times. During one of those times I spoke with one of her people, but shamefully can’t remember details. I thought she was well known, and am surprised nobody has been able to supply much detail …… yet.
    Definitely neither Jorgensen or Carey


  5. I have asked amonst Wellington artillerymen and have this reply from David Lackey: Ask Harry Jorgensen 09 8345654 – (her) stern has a Jorgensen look rather than Carey.


  6. GUNNER was taken by the Air Force and used to tow targets for shooting practice, presumably during WW II.
    In the period 2010/11 GUNNER was used by the “Fiordland Marine Guardians,” a Govt agency established for the survey and protection of the marine environment in that area, *photo below of her in Breaksea Sound. edited by AH

    *photo added below. AH


  7. Kahu was in danger of sinking on to the Cook Strait cable so has been towed to Wellington. The tow ran out of daylight yesterday so she’s resting in Lowry Bay overnight and will be taken to Seaview Marina today.


  8. I have a pic of her off leigh in the 1960s/70s & as she looks to be painted grey & somewhere I’ve seen another image of her under way, with a very large bow wave, traveling at speed, which stated she was being used for fisheries protection patrol, around that time by the Govt., & she was also pained grey in that image. KEN R.


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