Three Sisters

On a recent mooch around Gulf Harbour marina I spotted this very salty yacht named Three Sisters. Given the set-up, at some stage I her life she has seen some blue water activity. Anyone able to tell us about her past?

3 thoughts on “Three Sisters

  1. Pretty sure she’s not a George Buehler design – or at least she’s nothing like any of his work that I’ve seen. I think she’s built of plywood and on the general lines of a big dory with a keel.
    Then again I might be completely wrong 🙂


  2. Three Sisters was built by John Skelton of Torbay ,Auckland about 1985 .I don’t know how long he owned her for.


  3. She looks like a George Buehler design, though the only one I know of built here was by Johnny Ryan in Freemans Bay some time ago.


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