Could This Be Rona

The launch Rona made a cameo appearance on WW in May 2020, link below, but we were unable to expand more on the boat. Yesterday Nathan Herbert sent in the colour photo above and posed the question – are they the same boat. Hopefully the new photo will jog someones memory and we can answer the question and maybe learn more about Rona.

At the time of the b/w photo the location is Whangarei Harbour and the boat was probably owned by the Jagger family.

I’m speechless…………. below – seriously? Message for Mark Edmonds (MV Monterey), don’t even think about it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Could This Be Rona

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  2. I don’t think the top boat is the same one as the second image, & I am virtually totally certain that the lower one is a mid/later 1930s Sam Ford, — Perhaps NOHOMOANA, MOANA, MATATAHI, or another of that era, It cannot be MONTEREY– KEN R.

    We know the lower boat, but it’s staying nameless. AH

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