The Minerva

The Minerva
Talking with woody – John Wright the other day and he mentioned that he spotted an old framed photo in the dump bin at the Te Atatu Boat Club, a quick bit of bin diving reduced the photo, which John sent me a copy of and asked for more intel on the vessel – The Minerva, the photo is captioned – ?.N. Jones Family 1986.The rear of the family has a lot of detail, but sadly very hard to read – it says she was built by Chas Bailey, most of the other detail is just too hard to read.
Well jackpot – Minerva featured extensively on WW back in March 2015 and we uncovered a lot about her provenance.Snapshot – built in 1910 as a Auckland harbour ferry, she had a very shallow draft for negotiating creeks and estuaries. Her original power was steam via a coal fired boiler, that fuelled two 14hp George Fraser & Son engines. Around 1922 she moved over to the Kaipara Harbour and worked there until the late 1940’s. Around this time she was converted to diesel power and remained a work boat until c.1945. Around then she came back over to the east coast and was rallied and rolled into 1964 when she dropped out of site. There was a reported sighting of her back in 2015 under a cover in Kerikeri.
Read / see more here
Does anyone know her current status / condition?

Photo below dated July 2019 ex google + link to TVNZ story on the restoration project. Both ex K Ricketts

8 thoughts on “The Minerva

  1. I was part of the gang that started the clean up of The Minerva as seen in this photo. She will be a joy to see on the water.


  2. Minerva is currently in Opua under going a complete restore
    The restorers would love a copy of the photo.
    My contact details are
    Kelvin Petrie 027 494 1896

    Cheers Kelvin


  3. Was parked by the waipuna bridge for years. Tied up next to the fairmile Motanui.
    Her engine at that time was a 671 screaming gm


  4. The Minerva is under going restoration in a shed on the Opua commercial area. See Kerikeri Steam Trust


  5. Saw her a good number of times tied up to the little mini marina area just as you are entering Hellensville, from Auck., on the LHS., up to the mid/later 1950s.
    Could see a massive looking grey painted diesel through the aft round portholes — painted in a similar colour, to the ex factory grey, of a Gardner. — KEN R


  6. She is at Opua marina, half way through her Restoration as per the original Steam Boat. look up Minerva restoration. it has/is been a long voluntary resto, still going.


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