Georgia Rae @ Herald Island

Georgia Rae At Herald Island
I have seen the above boat several times mooching around the inner Hauraki Gulf but never been close enough to get a good photo or her name. This photo, moored at Herald Island, Auckland, was sent in by Thomas Guthrie and it appears her name is Georgia Rae. Thomas commented that her hull is a lot older than the cabin, can anyone enlighten us on her past and modifications?

Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta

Its only 8 days till the regatta so if you are going to be back in Auckland on the Monday today might be a good time to get your entry in. As well as the yachting events – there is the Tug/Work boat race and a round the bouys launch race for the diesel-heads – lots of great prizes up for grabs. Info & entry details here

Photo above from the 1963 regatta)

5 thoughts on “Georgia Rae @ Herald Island

  1. Hi,
    My boat Georgia Rae was launched late 2017 in Auckland at Westpark marina, construction was started around 2000 by Mark Van Dam, he got her up to hull and deck stage.
    I got to do my stage around 2014-2017, fitting a Kubota 90 hp – BETA- plumbing – electrics- etc.-,
    In the process of going into my back yard she ended up in the neighbors ” ROOF ” over one year to rebuild then a new house, she suffered very little damage. With the hull up to 54 mm thick ply wood, beams made of macrocarpa -very flexible,
    12 mts long, 3.8 mts wide, 1.3 draft and16 tons, – ‘ Bootstrap ‘ by Gary Underwood, and yes she is a yacht, but we are very happy to use Georgia Rae as a motor boat.


  2. Georgia Rae has had an eventful short life so far being started up Millwater way before it had that name (Dairy Flat) then falling on a house at Browns Bay …..She is indeed the second built of Gary’s Bootstrap design -the first is ‘Now’ ex Ava Alakwe


  3. Yep, and there is a new one under construction at Ngunguru just weeks away from launching. Designed by the builder Hilton Ward with input from Gary Underwood.


  4. I’m sure John is correct. Gary Underwood has designed several similar junk-rigged yachts which are often seen in the Upper Harbour.


  5. Hull and house are the same age. She was launched here at Hobby marina about 3 years ago, and was berthed here for a while. Designed by Gary(?) Underwood


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