Mystery Launch – 1953 Photo

Mystery Launch – 1953 Photo
Today’s woody story features one of the launches that were part of the welcome fleet for the SS Gothic. The Gothic was delivering her VIP cargo – Queen Elizebeth II to our shores.

The photo comes to us from the NZ Herald Heritage images via Lew Redwood.
Anyone able to ID the launch?

9 thoughts on “Mystery Launch – 1953 Photo

  1. I am on holiday at the moment but my grandparents boat Rehia was in that welcoming group of boats and at home I have a list of the boats present. I will email it when I get home


  2. Navy vessel in the background is a Dido class light cruiser – The Royalist -commissioned into the RNZ Navy in 1956. I served on her in 1964.
    David M.


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