I have been contacted by Neville Watkin in regard to his classic launch – Fruin. Neville knows very little about her early history, but believes she was probably built just after WW II (late 1940’s) and is kauri planked.

The above photo was taken in Cissy Bay near French Pass in the Marlborough Sounds in 2016. More recently her hull has been re-caulked and repainted and she currently doesn’t have a name.

Neville is keen to uncover any information on the vessel and suspects she was renamesd at some stage in her life. 
Can anyone help Neville put the correct name on the launch.

1 thought on “Fruin

  1. Fruin was her original name – unless she was renamed very soon after her launch. For quite a number of years she was moored in Picton where the ferry termnal doings are now and I’m not sure where she went when that bit of the harbour was lost to reclamation (The ferry terminal)
    IIRC she was owned for some years by a Blenheim accountant; Owen Webb.


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