Wilde Life

The above launch recently popped up on tme and Nathan Herbert pointed her out to me. The description was very loose “Boat needs painting. Does run but needs some loving”. Actually maybe not the loose 🙂 Looking at her side on, she would have to be a contender for the TV1,TV2,TV3 award i.e. 3 TV screens.There is a mix of styles going on but deep down could be an interesting boat.

Would appear to be moored at Herald Island, West Auckland. Will have to check her out, on route to the Riverhead Tavern on Sunday for the Woodys Lunch Cruise (details below).
Anyone able to help us out with more details?

4 thoughts on “Wilde Life

  1. I was told by one of the Waipuna locals that the new owner has been told by the Bird protection people that he cannot disturb the birds on board until after the breeding season is over. Could this really be true?

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  2. Quite the site. Wildlife is moored just above the Panmure Bridge.Local bird life have many nests on her decks. Regards Craig Floyd

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