Mystery Wooden Boats – Lake Manapouri

Mystery Wooden Boats – Lake Manapouri
The above photo, ex Lew Redwood, of Pearl Harbour, Lake Manapouri could almost be a painting. Its rather stunning and features two very smart woodys. Can anyone help ID either or both of these boats? Sadly there is no date accompanying the photo.

Booked Your Woody In For Its Annual TLC?
Talking last week to a couple of yard managers + marine engineers and given the knock-on effect of the CV-19 lock-downs the work diaries are VERY full, in fact depending on what you want done, there is a strong chance you will miss out. So get on the phone today – or you might end up like this guys stern drive………..

3 thoughts on “Mystery Wooden Boats – Lake Manapouri

  1. The boat behind the Sea Prince is the Elaine, is now a fishing boat at Bluff, the one to the left is a boat that was owned by Bob Murrell. Picture was by Gladys Goodall about 1959.


  2. The boat with people on it, is the Sea Prince which ended up as a fishing boat at Stewart Island. Unfortunately it disappeared off it’s mooring during a storm, never to be seen again.


  3. Marine Engineers seems to be a pretty broad label now days.
    It appears that if one can change a shaft anode and change oil and filters they are fully qualified !
    (Maybe I’m just an old fashioned so and so 😉😉)

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