Mystery Launch 22-09-2020

The above photo comes to us from the Andy Donovan collection via Chris Collins (RNZYS Historian). The vessel is a total blank to me, but given all the very distinctive features and her size, I’m sure someone will be able to enlighten us on her name and provenance.

The ‘train spotter’ that names the boat and ID’s the pennant correctly – wins a WW bucket hat – normal rules – enter by EMAIL ONLY and if more than one correct entry, we do a draw. Closes at 7pm 22-09-2020. Enter here

11 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 22-09-2020

  1. But!, the real mystery is….. – what has happened to Rosemary II (the one of only 3 Supa-craft designs by Tim Windsor that were built).

    Last seen being loaded as deck cargo to a ship heading south approx 20 plus years ago.


  2. Mark, I’m wondering whether it’s the other way round and Roy Steadman followed the lead of Tim Windsor and copied his style. Tim studied prewar though Westlawn in the US and had a real eye IMO. Latter day Shipbuilders creations were a bit clunky I reckon with some exceptions.


  3. T.C. Windsor’s superb ROSEMARY II built by Shipbuilders Ltd in 1946 for Noel Manthel of Wellington. Standing to attention with you vintagesteamer!


  4. Can’t identify the vessel but looks like Evans bay Wellington looking from the patent slip jetty towards Miramar and burn ham wharves


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