I have been contacted by Graeme Selby who is looking for any information on his late grandfather, Grahame Bush,  old launch the Talisman. When he owned the boat (from approx. 1980 > 2008) she was kept in the Tinopai marina in a mud birth. Talisman was sold around 2008 and Graeme believes is now moored in Port Albert.  Last photo shows Graeme as a youngster with his grandfather, Grahame.

Can anyone help? Steve Horsley – you might need to go for a walk 🙂

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  1. Here is some early info on the Talisman. When Andy Warren from Tinopai owned her, she had a 50HP Perkins in her. Andy replaced that with a 4 cylinder Ford 80HP 2:1 PRM gearbox. Her original name was possibly “Nivasha”, which Andy didn’t like and changed. In August 1987 Andy reluctantly sold her to me, when I bought Talisman it was used for commercial fishing. Firstly based in Ruawai, then moved to Pahi. In March 1989 Ron Matich put in a Ford (Dover) and a 2:1 PRM gearbox. Before the Ford was fitted a bent shaft and cracked stern tube were replaced (damaged prior to my buying), from what we could see the shoe had no ‘bush’ on the rudder pintle, which let the shoe rise up to hit the turning prop!! While out on the slip a man by the name of Ross (Goose) Warmington, did extensive woodwork to her that included laminating and bolting on new beltings and bullwarks, brass beading wrapped around beltings edge, 2 hardwood stern bollards (for towing fishing dorys), and fibre glassing the front deck and catwalks, wedging the back of the keel to swing a larger prop. The Ford (135HP) was turning a 21/20 Henleys prop @ 2400RPM. “Talisman” did a tow from Helensville to Okara Bay. The boat being towed was called “Waimarie” owned by Des Subritzky. The tow took 4 and a half hours with the tide, as far as the Heads and then punched up to Okara Bay, to catch-up the tug “Lady Kay” which towed “Waimarie” up to Dargaville behind her sand barge. In 1994/95 I sold “Talisman” to Bob Moyle, when he bought her he said he really only wanted the engine our of her to put into the “Revenge”, and that is exactly what he did, the “Revenge” had an old 4 cylinder Fordson in her and that was put into the “Talisman”. Bob later sold “Talisman” to Graham Bush of Tinopai. Eventually the old Fordson gave up the ghost, possibly turning the 6 cylinders prop didn’t help. Graham then replaced the Fordson with another 6 cylinder Ford, slanting model. Graham sold “Talisman” to a Heather and Trevor from Port Albert, and they in turn sold her to a Rex Treadwell, she is now moored at Port Albert, up by the Port Albert wharf.

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  2. I remember seeing the talisman outside the sawmill on my way to tinopai to see my grandparents. The reason they sold it wasnt due to limited boating experience as my grandfather was a fisherman his whole life and more the fact he had alzheimers. I’m not sure if Talisman had maybe changed owners a couple times after my grandfather but I do recall hearing of the new owner running aground on a sand bar. I remember seeing pictures of Talisman getting a engine transplant in her mud birth in tinopai but couldn’t give any details on it.. Would love to see the interior works done on her at the saw mill.


  3. I’m a boat builder based in Matakohe and in about 2007 I did extensive work to the interior of Talisman. We brought it up the creek to the saw mill at the beginning of Tinopai road to carry out the works which included new helm station, a beautiful table with storage in and an engine box rebuild. I think the owners at the time had limited boating experience and struggled to get it in its birth at Tinopai which contributed to Talisman’s sale in 2008. It was sold to a gentleman from Port Albert and I understand it is still moored up the creek there somewhere. Unfortunately it was prior to me owning a smart phone so I don’t have any photos to share but I do recall discovering evidence of it being powered by a pair of engines at some stage which explained its beaminess, there were four engine beds and evidence of stern tubes being removed. It is now powers by a 6 cylinder ford that’s on a slant which hadn’t been in there long. Storey goes that the previous owner had bought Talisman for its engine which was removed to repower his other boat and this donk had been dropped in to keep it complete. Cheers Nick


  4. Well, it’s certainly not the Max Carter TALISMAN 38footer with twin Fords built in 1961 for R W Jordan, later owned by Dr.W.L.H. Jackson. Where is she now?


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