Mystery Launch 03-09-2020

Mystery Launch 03-09-2020

The above photo of an unknown launch popped up on Mitchell Hutchings fb. Might be the perspective of the camera, but she appears to have a far sized boom relative to the mast.
Can anyone help out ID’ing this woody?

Morning Dog Walks

Hard not to love boating and the sea when your early morning dog walk looks like this – no special effects, straight off the iPhone 🙂 You can just see the Devonport Yacht Club peeping out on the left from under the pohutukawa tree.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 03-09-2020

  1. Hi, This looks like yet another shot of Phyllis M (ex Wainunu and originally Phyllis M). The upturned bowline is typical Fred Mann. His earlier Roma G was very similar. Does anyone know if she is still around? Phyllis M currently resides between Sandy Bay and Matiatia depending on weather, and now has her name displayed again after a recent repaint.

    Grant Edwards.

    On Thu, 3 Sep 2020, 12:04 AM #1 for classic wooden bo


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