Help Needed Identifying Waiheke Launch

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 3.46.06 AM

Mystery Waiheke Launch

Today’s woody is seen anchored in Matiatia Bay, Waiheke Island and comes to us from the Williamson family collection via Mitchell Hutchings fb.
And that woodys is all we know. Looking for help on this one 🙂
Update ex Nigel Minn – She is Matanui – more here

4 thoughts on “Help Needed Identifying Waiheke Launch

  1. MATANUI was built by E R Lane at Picton in 1923 as SAN LUIS. She came to Auckland in 1926 and later got renamed MATANUI. Joe Kissin of Takapuna (lovely man) owned her for many years. She was moored between the Devonport Wharf and the Iris Wharf during the 50s and 60s. At the time I knew her she had a Fairbanks Morse later replaced with a 6 cyl Ford diesel. Jack Brooke did several cruises on her with Joe.

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  2. It’s the MATANUI owned back in the 40s 50s by Joe Kissin whom i knew. & went aboard her a few times, & she was beautiful inside, with deep red plush velvet squabs & kept by recall, at Devonport, & powered at that time by a big bottle green painted 4 cyl Kelvin Diesel, which was later replaced. Harold K., will be able to fill in a lot more gaps for her in that era. as he lived close by. as I recall — KEN R

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