Sometimes on ww things happen fast, sometimes they take time – todays post started off in early April – then almost 4 months later someone lights a match & boom – details & photos appear.

Details from Harold Kidd, photos ex Bruce Overhill.

Matanui was built as San Luis by Ernie Lane in Picton for Martin Beck of Picton in 1923 for Cook Strait conditions. Beck sold her to Auckland owners in October 1925 and motored her up. Early Auckland owners were W.J. Bridson and J.A. Peacock but Walsh Brothers bought her in 1933 and fitted a Kelvin diesel, for which they were Auckland agents.
Between 1942 and 1945 she was used as a Naval patrol launch out of Suva (and may have had a petrol engine installed during that period (Chrysler Crown?) for rationalisation purposes. She was sold back to Leo Walsh in July 1945 but on sold to Joe Kissin (not Kissen) a well-known North Shore businessman of Lake Road, Takapuna, once again Kelvin-powered. Jack Brooke helped Joe with a redesign in 1952. She was moored off Queen’s Parade Devonport, in close company with Moana, Ariki, Spray II, Marangi, Tasmin, Jacqueline and the 30 sq meter Tangaika either side of the Iris Cable Wharf. Her call-sign was ZMQB
The Kelvin was replaced with a Fairbanks-Morse by 1954 and that by a new 6 cylinder Fordson diesel in 1960. By 1973 Joe had sold her to W.K.Downey of Epsom.
He sold her to Thames and then she came back to Auckland owned by O’Meara until about 1983 etc etc.

To read more on her past click this link

‘New’ photos from Bruce Overhill – 03/09/2014

11 thoughts on “Matanui

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  2. Sorry, I failed there. Somewhere I have copies of the plans Jack Brooke did of the conversion for Joe Kissin, which I recall have before and after drawings, but I can’t find them tonight due to my seemingly perpetual tidying up processes. The originals are in the Squadron’s archives. I could arrange copies if someone wants them badly.


  3. I’ve got pics at home which I’ll send to Alan tonight. Very Ernie Lane, you know, Cook Strait-worthy.


  4. Do we know what her original upperworks looked like? The Brooke wheelhouse was OK but a bit modern. I liked her though. The aft dodger doesn’t appeal so much, but makes her more liveable I guess.


  5. I was on her in the late 40s in the immaculate days of her life in Kissin, Kelvin, era, when she had the rich burgundy squabs, — (& she is looking just as immaculate today.) — A fabulous classic boat owned by a really great guy — She had the quietest stern above water exhaust I ever heard, — (actually you just didn’t hear it all — absolutely silent) — He was a close friend of Bill & Phyl Ryan, owners at that time, of REHIA. Wonderful to see her still looking so lovely — KEN RICKETTS


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