Pavema + Do You Need An Engine?



Wow how cute is the above launch – I received an email from Neil Couch about an offer on an engine and the above two photos were included to show what the engine came out of. Of course I forgot about the engine and started admiring the boat. Back to engine later 🙂
What I can tell you is  –  the engine was installed in the early 1960’s when the then owner, a Mr Howden of Howden’s Jewellers of Hamilton re-furbished the boat. Neil is unsure as to the date his father-in-law purchased the boat but in approx.1980 the launch was scrapped on the father-in-laws property in Raglan. Neil believes the timbers had started to rot around the copper nails so it was eventually burned and the copper salvaged. The mast, rope ladder, and other minor parts were salvaged and stored and some are being incorporated into a new house build.
When the launch was scrapped, the engine, a Lees Marine Ford Consul 122e petrol engine with Paragon reverse and reduction gear box (photo below), was kept covered in the basement of the FIL’s house.
ALMOST FREE* Engine – *For a donation to Coastguard Raglan, Neil will hand the engine over to a good woody home. Collection is ex Raglan.
Contact Neil on 
Now back to the launch – anyone able to tell us more about her? She is very distinctive so someone must recall her.
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2 thoughts on “Pavema + Do You Need An Engine?

  1. WOW!!! how futuristic for her era, — absolutely love the stern. Seems very full in the bow, — I would say she probably pushed a lot of water at the front end, at low speeds particularly, — but still quite stunning. — KEN R


  2. The ‘Pavema’ restoration was undertaken by my uncle a builder and joiner, in the late 50’s / early 60’s, who was born and lived in Raglan all his life. He died a few years ago. As A young boy I was press ganged into holding the ‘dolly’ as uncle swung the hammer to seat the planking rivets. I recall it being hard yakker for a young fella and somewhat character building but it certainly was influential in my ongoing interest in woodie boating The boat was an unusual design of which I have no knowledge but it was certainly built of Kauri. The ‘cuddy’ was an extension to the cabin from the original. I am also certain the engine was purchased new by uncle and did not come with the boat. I remember many happy hours spent with the family on Raglan harbour in the Pavema.


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