I recently received the above colour photo of Tio from her owner Richard Cross, the older b/w photos popped up on fb. 

Richard commented that he had fully re-corked her 3 years ago,and was chipping away at the interior fitout. He has purchased the majority of big ticket items including new solar set up and batteries.
The engine – a Detroit 671 two stroke, had a  top end rebuild last year and the real reason for today’s story is Richard is looking for advice on what to do. A bottom end bearing has now gone and having spent a lot of money last year on the engine, he is looking for advice of what options he has, as he is currently not in a postion to engage last years mechanic – so is there someone knowledgable whose brain Richard could pick?
Also looking for input on the design layout for the stairs to the old hold, which he is thinking will be two double cabins, storage, office and workshop.
Tio is 55’ in length, 28 ton, designed by Hubert Levy, built in kauri in 1953 by Jack Guard at Putatea Bay (French Pass) for the Marine Dept as an oyster research boat. Later served as a Navy Pilot vessel (registered ship number 316485).
Also did time as a Great Barrier Island passenger ferry. These days she is a live-aboard and I have to say sports midships, what would best be described as a ’shed’ 🙂
Any mechanically minded / qualified woody able to help Richard out with some advice? I’ll throw in a WW t-shirt and Lake Rotoiti Wooden & Classic Boat 2020 calendar to the most helpful – Richard can decide who that is 😉
After hours of reviewing weather forecasts, the WW weather guru has selected Waikalabubu Bay, Motutapu Island for the venue. Of course this could change but for now, that  is the spot. 
If you haven’t RSVP’ed – click the email link below . Great numbers already confirmed for next Thursday 🙂     waitematawoodys@gmail.com
Woody Waitangi Picnic

11 thoughts on “TIO

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  2. I remember Tio on the hard for a fair while at Te Atatu. Shes a big boat! Where are Richard and the motor located?
    Might I suggest looking online a truck/tractor restoration type groups. They are a very simple and common engine and I do recall reading many threads on folks restoring/rebuilding them when I went thru my old truck phase…..


  3. I did radar observer on Ocean Star 1973 and advanced courses on Tio and then Stella with Graeme Wiig.
    By the way wood seam sealing is Caulking and not corking.
    Congrats on your number of readers Alan


  4. Re “corked”??? 🙂
    As for advice on that 6-71 Jimmy, I’m sure Neil Lineham will have some.


  5. Remember TIO so well right from my early youth, — was always painted light green for many years, in all her early government owned days, & was in the Kawau area regularly when I knew her, as a government fisheries vessel, & in my youthful ignorance, thought that even though she was owned by the government, she had no name, but had a fishing boat registration number number of “T10” in big black capital letters & numbers on the flare of her bow. — Talk about egg on the face??? — KEN R


  6. this often happens when you overhaul top end only.If one Bearing has gone then the others must be on there way out, I have seen these engines break the crank shaft which has same sound. check that there is no movement between crankshaft pulley and flywheel. I would lift engine ,lay it over if room drop sump and replace all big end shells if the crankpin looks unscored. this is an old engine so quite possible the oil gallerys may need cleaning etc.possibly new oil pump etc.


  7. I remember TIO back in 1983 on Marsden Wharf Auck when she was owned by the Govt MOT as a light house tender and skipper training vessel before new steel MV Stella took over lighthouse duties. Tio hull was painted Green at that stage.


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