Whangaroa Big Game Fishing Launch


Whangaroa Big Game Fishing Launch

I have been sent a great collection of photos from the Whangaroa area, I need to digest them and pull the best together for a WW story – in the meantime I thought I would share one of the boats with you.
For once I know its identity – but can anyone give us a name and some history?
Des Townson – A Sailing Legacy Book Winner
The winner of yesterdays quiz to name the boat designer whose name has appeared the most on WW is Warren Jack. The correct answer was Colin Wild, lots of entries for Logan and Lane but the answer needed to be the designers name – not the ‘brand’ of boat. Warren was the only one with Colin Wild. There has always been a lot of discussion around the man and his yard, not just his boats on WW.
The consolation prize – a WW hat, was won by Simon Adams. Prizes in the post 🙂
Check out Fridays WW story for another great woody prize to be won.

3 thoughts on “Whangaroa Big Game Fishing Launch

  1. The launch is definitely Tuatahi. My Mother and Father were Eric and Shirley Petford who bought the Northland Fishing Lodge (now known as Kingfish Lodge) from Bruce Rudge in 1960. We lived at the lodge until 1969 when my parents bought a boarding house in Moa St, Otahuhu. The Lodge was sold to Vic and Helen Evans. My Father skippered the Tuatahi and caught many gamefish during that time. Dad and Snooks Fuller (Lady Doreen) had a great rivalry during those years as to who caught the most fish in the season. Those days at Whangaroa we’re the best days of our lives and I have so many great memories. The “Tuatahi” was an awesome sea boat and I would love to see her again. I believe she is down around Leigh somewhere. If anyone knows who owns her can you please let me know.


  2. If this is the Tuatahi it was used at the kinfish lodge , Petford I think owned at that time then Marty ? (nelson) Butch Canty Garth woolhams , then it went down the coast walkworth way i think , She is a strong little ship and caught a lot of game fish. in her day


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