The above two photos of the lake boat – Solent, were sent in by Lake Rotoiti boatbuilder – Alan Craig. I asked Nathan Herbert to review the Solent photos and he commented that her hull shape was a dead ringer for a launch that featured in the Popular Mechanics magazine. The magazine influenced a lot of designs during this period. Examples below.
Can anyone tell us more about Solent?

4 thoughts on “Solent

  1. Something is wrong here and I agree with Ken (for once). SOLENT is nothing like the American design which has a stepped flat or even slightly reverse sheer. The Whangarei launch is certainly built from that plan, ugly duckling that it is, but it has nothing to do with SOLENT. Is Alan nodding? It won’t be Nathan.

    Nodding? as in sleeping? could be. Sounds like this story is an oops, time to re-boot 🙂 Alan H


  2. The MAHARATIA is in the background of the image taken in Whangarei in the 1950s — in the top RH corner — KEN R


  3. I don’t know if the images of the boat at the top & tied to a wharf, are supposed to be the same boat as the lower images, of the one on magazine cover, & older images, but they are definitely not the same boat, in my view. The top one is lower wooded in the hull, & has much “softer” flowing graceful lines & lovely shear, than the higher wooded more “stiff” looking boat, in the lower images & the tuck is quite different in its design & concept in the 2 boats — KEN R

    Not the same boat – just design guide examples. Alan H


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