Sorceress SOS – Washed Ashore



Sorceress SOS

Was sent the photos above today from Keith Ottaway of Sorceress ‘ashore / washed up’ under the Pohutukawa’s at Little Shoal Bay on the western side of Northcote Point. Keith understands she went ashore at low tide on Thursday and has been pushed up under the trees by the rising tide wave action. The tide today was too high for Keith to ascertain if there is any terminal damage.
Sorceress has appeared on WW before, link below, she is a fine ship – someone needs to save her before its too late 😦

UPDATE from Keith –She is flooded by damage to the after  keel bolts – after wooden keel section has pulled away from keelson – with broken bolts. Water was draining still at low tide so its only a small leak at this stage. The hull looks OK at the moment  – but that keelson damage may be the issue. Hope its not a chainsaw salvage. There is a lot of Kauri in there.




Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 2.02.59 PM
30-09-2019 UPDATE  Photo below from John Hilt of the the yacht aground and being pushed ashore by wind & tide.
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3.24.37 PM
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8 thoughts on “Sorceress SOS – Washed Ashore

  1. I spotted Sorceress in the old Stevenson’s yard in Whangaporoa a couple of months ago. Very sad. Repairs appear to have been started now stalled. Lovely boat.


  2. I spotted her there while crossing the harbour bridge. I stopped by fishermans wharf to check it out & the harbour master was in attendance. They attempted to come alongside her on the windward side but it was too rough. From my angle I could see she was acting as a breakwater so called the harbourmasters office to let them know they could come in on downwind side….if there was enough depth to get their rib in there. Not sure if the skipper got the message – lady on the end of the phone didnt seem too impressed with me calling them. Looked to me like they could have taken her anchor out to deeper water in the rib & waited for her to float before towing her to safety. Was a few hours until high tide. Would upload photo if I knew how!


  3. Now lets not get into the la la land of the knights on white horses saving the day.
    If shes insured and thats ” if” for a reasonable amount of money and the damage is economically viable to repair she will sail again.
    Im picking if total marine or nick lewis manage to get her off the “beach” she will end up parked in a boat yard and sold as a constructive total loss.
    Akld city council have probly drafted 15 letters already demanding the vessel be removed asap.
    Look back to the demise of “dyonisis”
    “Been thr got the t shirt and read the book”


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