Mystery Launch  15-09-2018 + WW T-shirt To Be Won


Mystery Launch  15-09-2018

I was sent this photo yesterday and thought it would make a great WW mystery quiz – first woody that emails me (YES emails, link below) the boats name and builder, wins a WW T-shirt, as seen being ‘modelled’ in the photo below by two visitors from the Hawkes Bay.
Some exclusions Ken Rickets, Nathan Herbert & Harold Kidd.
I have also held off making this post live until 7.00am to ensure more people have a chance, rather than just the insomniacs 🙂
LR2016 ww shirts CM

1 thought on “Mystery Launch  15-09-2018 + WW T-shirt To Be Won

  1. Can anybody provide details of the light brown, ex commercial, now family mothership in the distance on the photo of the WW Tshirt clad guys?


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