Mystery Classic Launch -Waiheke Island

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 4.20.59 PM

MYSTERY LAUNCH – Waiheke Island

Today’s woody is a newbie to me, the caption reads “All hands on deck – As we enters the channel to our secret bay near our campsite on Waiheke Island”
Looking at the photo I would say the location is Garden Cove, refer photos below
Can anyone ID the vessel & confirm the location?

5 thoughts on “Mystery Classic Launch -Waiheke Island

  1. I’d also have to go with Thora, She was named after Harry Jenkin’s daughter Thora Parker (Nee Jenkins) . Mr Jenkins went on to have Shenandoah and later New Golden Hind.He also had a great range of cars 1910 cadillac, a Sunbeam and a 1923 Rolls Royce.If any one wants to know how you get out of a bad situation you should Thora Parker’s book And Not to Yield on recovering crew off Piercy Rock with the Shenandoah.


  2. Didn’t she appear in one of the images or movies ex the Brooke or Guthrie families, a year or 2 ago back?


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