Evening Star & Alma G



The above photo of Evening Star was sent to me by Simon Manning, and was taken near Port Fitzroy in late December. She looks stunning, what a magnificent ship, Simon commented that she appeared to have had a major renovation recently.
So Woodys, what do we know about her?
Simon mentioned that they had an Evening Star fishing in and around the Sounds when he was a kid but doesn’t believe it’s the same boat.  This one looks bigger.   There must be more than one around by that name.
The photo below of Alma G about to weigh in her catch at Russell, is another from Snooks Fuller’s brilliant collection, sent in by Dean Wright.
28-01-2019 Photo below of Evening Star in Sheep Bay, Gt Mercury Island, ex Greg Fenwick
evenung star gt barrier 2019

12 thoughts on “Evening Star & Alma G

  1. Interesting that they replaced the cummins.
    If I remember at the time it was a second hand truck engine that went in.


  2. Hi Alan, Evening Star is indeed owned by Ian Page from Tauranga. I believe she is based on an oyster boat hull design. We supplied replacement main and wing engines for her in 2006, the Main engine is a John Deere 6081AFM75 rated 235hp @ 2100rpm. Wing engine is a John Deere 4045TFM50 rated 135hp @ 2500rpm. I believe that Ian has also had a ‘Seakeeper’ fitted?! She’s a beautiful ship and very well looked after!


  3. Hi Alan

    Owner is Ian Page in Tauranga

    Hull is steel construction I think

    Ian can probably be contacted via Page Transport Ph 07 578 2887

    Cheers Hendrik



  4. Lives or lived in Tauranga.
    John Ross and I think Bill Herryman built her after John built Contraband and Hobbit.
    They are both Birdsal boats. Can definatly see the similarity on the cabin design on Evening Star.


  5. Very nice anchored next to her in Whangaparapara two years ago and admired the lines, looks almost like a William Garden design, was she built in Tauranga Cam?


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