Te Kowhai

Te Kowhai


Todays story features the game boat Te Kowhai coming in to the wharf at Russell to weigh their catch.
The photo comes to use from Lew Redwood via ‘BOI Historical Photos’
Can anyone tell us more about the boat & what became of her – she is a very pretty launch.
09-04-2020 Input from Hylton Edmonds -Te Kowhai was one of the lessor known game boats operating in the Bay of Islands (based in Russell) around the time of the 60’s. As the advertisement below, from the 1963-64 BOISFC Yearbook, shows, Des Neal ran it for a partnership based in Hawera, a vague memory is that they were chartered accountants?

I have no idea what became of her, and compared to the other game boats, I do not think she was “on the scene” for that long.

Hopefully info will come to light on what was ostensibly a Bridge Decker (similar to Pirate) in survey, and put to work.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 11.22.37 AM

Harold Kidd has previously commented that she was designed and built by J.G. Cox with a 6-95 Lycoming for Fred Reynolds in 1939. In NAPS in 1943 as Z42.




5 thoughts on “Te Kowhai

  1. That’s nothing; in the Squadron’s records alongside Fred Reynolds’ membership she was either KOWHIA or TE KOWHIA from 1946 to 1951 when they got it right.
    Also, there was another KOWHAI around in 1939, the Dick Lang launch that Charles Palmer bought after WW2 put a cruiser stern on and renamed LADY ADELAIDE.


  2. Designed and built by J.G. Cox with a 6-95 Lycoming for Fred Reynolds in 1939. In NAPS in 1943 as Z42.


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