A Very Long-Shot Woody Request from Argentina.


A Very Long-Shot Request from Argentina

I have been contacted by Paolo Panighini from Buenos Aires, looking for help ID’ing the design of the wooden launch he used to own, pictured above.

She was powered with twin 6 cylinder Scripps.

All he knows is that she was built in Uruguay in 1940 and came to Argentina afterwards.

Does anyone recognize the design boat & the builder, we really do not know who built it.

Closer to Home – Looking for details on a 36′, c.1946 bridge-decker, named Solveig when launched. Does anyone know the boat, her past & any have photos ?

6 thoughts on “A Very Long-Shot Woody Request from Argentina.

  1. I have numerous pictures of Solveig….My father owned it…..His only boat after that was a 44ft shipbuilders boat “CORINTHIA” If Solveig is a 36 footer…She is a Corsair fibreglass hull with a wooden Flying Bridge…..I am not at home at the moment but will send a couple of pictures if you can stomach the thought of looking at a ” plastic ” boat.


  2. SOLVEIG was owned by J.P. Graham of 14 Smale St. Point Chevalier between 1951 and 1957 and probably later.


  3. Re the boat from Argentina, the lines a so nice and the cabin rather American my guess would be William Garden with a hint of John Atkin in the bow shape.


  4. SOLVEIG was a bridgedecker in the lower to mid 30 foot range, with an unusual coamings format, which actually to me looked as if she could have been home built & was not particularly attractive to my eye, rather square looking & rather home built look about her, if it is the one I’m thinking of, was used regularly in the 40s60s era but have not seen her for many years. KEN R


  5. Re Solveig, I’m sure I have seen a launch of that approximate size, age and name in and around the Bay of Island these last few years. Opunga, Paradise, Te Puna etc etc.
    Maybe Nathan has something a bit more comprehensive?


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