Mystery Launch 02-03-2018



The above photo shows Radio Hauraki’s original floating base (pirate ship) Tiri with an amphibian airplane alongside. Most likely dropping off / picking up crew.

The question for us woodys is – what is the launch in the photo – should not be too hard to ID, given her distinctive design / style.

The photo comes to us via the ‘NZ Cars Boats >>>> Utes Pre ’75’ FB page. Apologises for the slight grainy look.


11 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 02-03-2018

  1. i have recently bought a Max Carter 45-47 ft that looks very much like the one in the photo
    called Taurangi , im having trouble with finding out her past if anyone can help
    (photo below added by AH)


  2. that particular launch alonside the radio hauraki vessel tiri is NOT alan williams original banshee. the original banshee was launched about 1960/61 and was renamed marahi. it also had a flying bridge constructed on top of the dodger. ron d.


  3. According to the post six months ago:

    KEN RICKETTS on September 6, 2016 at 8:47 am said:
    That is the BANSHEE built by Alan Williams for himself in 1966 — refer previous woodys post — KEN R


  4. I feel that this was discussed recently and somebody said it was the builder’s own, and that was either Williams or Smith


  5. Afraid I can’t agree with Murray, she is not really the slightest bit like Sou East, which I know so well & she is almost certainly Alan Williams in my view, but unfortunately am struggling with name recall — with combination of the passage of time & senior moments. — KEN R


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