Mystery Launch 02-03-2018



The above photo shows Radio Hauraki’s original floating base (pirate ship) Tiri with an amphibian airplane alongside. Most likely dropping off / picking up crew.

The question for us woodys is – what is the launch in the photo – should not be too hard to ID, given her distinctive design / style.

The photo comes to us via the ‘NZ Cars Boats >>>> Utes Pre ’75’ FB page. Apologises for the slight grainy look.


8 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 02-03-2018

  1. According to the post six months ago:

    KEN RICKETTS on September 6, 2016 at 8:47 am said:
    That is the BANSHEE built by Alan Williams for himself in 1966 — refer previous woodys post — KEN R


  2. I feel that this was discussed recently and somebody said it was the builder’s own, and that was either Williams or Smith


  3. Afraid I can’t agree with Murray, she is not really the slightest bit like Sou East, which I know so well & she is almost certainly Alan Williams in my view, but unfortunately am struggling with name recall — with combination of the passage of time & senior moments. — KEN R


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