Another photo from the very cool ‘NZ Cars Boats >>>> Utes Pre ’75’ FB page. Thanks to Nathan Herbert for the heads up.

The photo originally appeared in the NZ Herald, taken by a N Bennett in 1946. The question was asked – is the location Lake Rotoura?

Have love the old days when health & safety was un heard of. All dressed in their Sunday best, if they were an oops, swimming would have been a challenge.

What do we know about the vessel?

Harold Kidd Input – MARAROA was built for Lake Rotorua c1905 and was used by the RNZAF for R&R during WW2. This isn’t during that period as she wore the number W251 then. Nice pic of her. 

Help Needed On War Time Launch Numbers

Somewhere I have a booklet but can not put my finger on it……. I have been asked by Steve Pople, the owner of Royal Falcon, for some help identifying her war time number – Steve believes it was either 141 or 171. And was this number a NAPS number, coastal defence number or a war time fuel ration number ???

Anyone Able To ID The Location ?

I was sent the photo below by the Rotorua Museum, asking for help identifying the location. They though it could have been somewhere around Rotorua.

To me it looks more like Queen Charlotte Sound – but my recent travels could be blurring my vision 🙂





10 thoughts on “Mararoa

  1. Confirming Roger’s reply re, Bouchers, Silver Bay and Arran Bay. We spent our childhoods down there and knew every stone almost by name!


  2. Connells Bay is to the left out of sight.The Bay Pictured is Passadena Bay…Previously Known as “Bouchers Bay” and then Sneddens as Dulcie Boucher married Jim Snedden who had a shop in Karangahape Road.He left it to his son Tim Snedden……It is now owned by the ex chairman of Fletchers………To the right is Silver Bay.The launch on the mooring will be 36ftX8ft Caprice….The next bay to the right is Arran Bay……..This is my opinion…..Hope its true.


  3. MARAROA was built for Lake Rotorua c1905 and was used by the RNZAF for R&R during WW2. This isn’t during that period as she wore the number W251 then. Nice pic of her.
    ROYAL FALCON was never in NAPS but would have worn an Auckland reporting number. I have a photo of her with it somewhere but am slightly (if not permanently) disorganised).


  4. Alan, I think the photo is of Cowes Bay
    Waiheke island after the hotel burnt down.
    The boat shed is still there and it was all
    Farm land over to the northern side.
    I remember it in the sixties like this


  5. Re Mararoa, I had an exact idendical boat, called Molly in the 1970’s and was in Milford estuary for a while.


  6. Looks non tidal to me because the “reefs” are exposed ie low tide, but water level not much below trees. The sounds are a “submergent landscape” and I don’t think this is one. The boat pic is fairly pro. Red filter bringing out clouds, Contrast raised and almost certainly posed for the shot – some sort of celebration?


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