Tusitala > Peri C6 SOS




I was recently contacted by Jason Prew in regard to the yacht Tusitala > Peri with an urgent call out for someone to rescue the craft from a potential death at the end of a chainsaw.

Normal story, no idea of a price, no photos……….. but woodys, sometimes we have to step in & help save these old girls, its not the yachts fault that her owner has decided to move on.

A quick call to Harold Kidd & I have the above photos. The owner is of the belief the she is a Logan but Harold commented that the protruding stem post is unlike any other Logan of the period but quite like some Baileys and Le Huquet’s early yachts. Harold also commented that her real claim to fame is that the hero of Chunuk Bair, Cyril Bassett VC 1914-1919, owned her before he bought Ladye Wilma.

The yacht is located in Tauranga & the owner Ken Anderson can be contacted on 027 425 5102.

If we cannot find someone to restore her, can someone with some undercover storage look after her?

Harold Kidd Input – PERI was built by Charles Robinson and her owner George Murphy at St Mary’s Bay in late 1897. The “Logan” attribution is an old wives’ tale. Robinson had built the little keel yacht MAHOE in 1894. Late he was building at Rotorua with Percy McIntosh. He built the 40ft launch ALOHA at St Mary’s Bay in 1926, probably at Sam Ford’s yard.

10-07-2018 Owner Update:

Tusi Tala/ Peri has been stored in my yard for the past 6 or so years.  The lease for the yard has been taken from me so she needs to go to another owner. She is at the stage of her life that a full restoration to her original splendour is needed, which is beyond me.
Should there be any interest by any WW readers they can contact me by phone on 027 425 5102.  Any reasonable offer will secure her.
14-08-2018   FINAL SOS NOTICE
Ken Anderson has advised that he has abandoned Tusi Tala in a yard at Mount Maunganui. Unfortunately he was left with no other choice. The yard is owned by a Hadyn Wall whose lawyer is Ged Fitzgerald, email: ged@fitzlaw.co.nz.
The vessel needs to be moved and is in danger of destruction. She is FREE to a good home, please note that the cradle is not on offer as it is owned by Tauranga Bridge Marina Travel Lift. Please contact Ged Fitzgerald if you or anyone you know are interested in saving her.

4 thoughts on “Tusitala > Peri C6 SOS

  1. crikey this is very sad to hear…..unfortunately I don’t have any room at the inn so to speak, so no real help at all. Such a shame to see our classic yacht heritage disappearing like this though.
    Hope one day I could make a difference to this kind of scenario!


  2. Sorry to say that the Yard owner at Mount Manganui, Hadyn Wall (mongrel) has destroyed her. It is so sad but she was out of my hands, destroyed by greed for the lead in her Keel. 😦 😦


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