I have been approached by Ted Bosch asking about the vessel Crescent, that twenty years ago he restored for a client. She is a Miller & Tunnage double ender. Ted renewed nearly everything from the hull upwards and a new reconditioned 6 cylinder Gardner was installed, new bulkheads, engine beds, deck and wheelhouse, rig. From the photo above taken at her re-launching in 1988, she appears to be lovely little boat.

Ted understands she was even used as the mother radio ship for the 1990 Noumea race, but soon afterwards the owner sold her to some people in Tauranga and Ted has never seen her again.

Ted commented that Crescent was always very dear to him and wonders what came of her and would like to know her whereabouts.


7 thoughts on “Crescent

  1. Not built by or in Miller and Tunnage’s shed. I did have her history and can dig it out if Baden doesn’t beat me to the draw. She was built over some time in Careys Bay at the Port (they were working up north and came down to spend time on her if I recall correctly) and indeed did not originally have that raised deck fwd. She came into North Harbour Ponui for an orbit when we were anchored in Gloaming. So that is ’91 or so and I fell seriously in love……
    She was flush deck with bulwarks then, ketch rig and had the delicious wee wheelhouse beloved of the hardy souls who sailed on her home coast, When they rolled heavily, the man at the helm didn’t have far to fall.
    When I next saw her, like Clematis, she sported the increased accommodation of a raised deck fwd and a more commodious wheelhouse. I wish I’d taken a pic of her back then, she was a honey. Still is, but not so cute imho.


  2. Took another look at the pic and realised that the deck has been raised forward of the wheelhouse. When I knew her she had walk-around decks inside the bulwarks – the change will have made a big difference to roominess below.


  3. She was built at Miller & Tunnage’s by Dave McClean, one of their boat builders, who lived aboard her for several years. Dave migrated north and became foreman at Jorgensens at Waikawa for some time. He married an Australian girl and they lived aboard with the baby that came along in due course.
    Her original engine was a Lister. IRRC Dave put the Gardner in while at Jorgensens. The heart of her accommodations was a massive Aga coal range.


  4. CRESENT,is definately at sulphur point marina tauranga,is owned by long term marine engineer owner and well cared for.if ted requires a contact for owner,he can email bme at jelliot.mojos@gmail,com
    john elliott


  5. Hi, there are 3 like her moored at the Whangarei Town Basin Marina. Don`t know if Crescent is one of them though. Cheers.


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